Increasing Impact, Influence & Income for Conscious Entrepreneurs & Leaders
Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021 
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9:15am-10am pst / 12:15-1pm est
Permission To Promote with Rebecca Cafeiro (she/her)

10am-10:45am pst / 1-1:45pm est 
Healthy Holy Money Flow: 5 Key Elements for an Unfair Advantage in Acquiring Financial Freedom 
with Paje Rey (she/her)

10:45am-11:30am pst / 1:45-2:30pm est
Leadership for the Great Reset: Empathic Leadership for the World! with Ber-Henda Williams (she/her)

11:30am-12:15pm pst / 2:30-3:15pm est 
Creating an Improv Habits Mindset for Your Ikigai with Shirley Rivera (she/her)

12:15pm-1pm pst / 3:15-4pm est 
Inclusion, A Design System Perspective with El Moises (they/them)

1pm-1:45pm pst / 4-4:45pm est 
You Are More Than Just One Thing: Sustainability, Authenticity, and Creativity 
with Kiam Marcelo Junio (they/them)

1:45pm-3pm pst / 4:45pm-6pm est 
Radical Ownership: 4 Secrets to Creating Holistic Success & Wealth with Ease & Grace 
with Marian Valenza (she/her) 


Marian Bacol Valenza

Conscious Business & Mindset Coach

Radical Ownership: 4 Secrets to Creating Holistic Success & Wealth with Ease & Grace 

• Learn how radical ownership is the key to holistic success and wealth
• How to grow your conscious business with ease and grace
• Aligned action steps that you can take right away to implement what you’ve learned into your life and business to get results

Marian Valenza is the Founder of Thriver Lifestyle and ThriverCon (1st intentionally diverse entrepreneurship conference for BIPOC & women of color entrepreneurs), a Conscious Business & Mindset Coach, TEDx & Global Speaker. She is also the host of Thriver Lifestyle Podcast and Bestselling Author.
Marian helps revolutionary CEOs & impact leaders create holistic success (health, wealth, purpose & sacred love) through energetics, mindset & manifestation with ease. She merges her 15+ years of marketing, media/pr and business development experience with her mission to create positive social impact and help elevate the collective consciousness.

 She has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC International Business Times, Thrive Global, Miami Under 40 and over 60 podcasts and publications.

Rebecca Cafeiro

Visibility & Profitability Coach 

Permission To Promote

• Your Definition of Success: Because not all businesses look alike, it’s crucial to clarify what success looks like to you. Once you can visualize your future, you can being taking steps towards the action that will serve your business, your clients, and your life.
• Your Permission Slip: As women, it can be easy to give everyone else in our life ultimate permission to follow their goals, dreams, passions, etc. Isn’t it time you did the same for yourself?
• Your Unique Expert Experience: Thankfully, no one has the exact expertise you do. How boring would that be?! It’s time to lean into what makes you extraordinary, instead of trying to imitate someone else.

Rebecca Cafiero is a business and visibility strategist, TEDx Speaker and top ranked podcast host, bestselling author and mother of two. As the Founder + CEO of the Pitch Club, a for women, by women company, she has worked with hundreds of female entrepreneurs to increase their credibility, visibility and profitability in business.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she spent 13 years in Corporate America leading sales and marketing teams. She is a frequent speaker on unleashing your expertise, creating credibility + visibility, time management and personal optimization. As a sought after media source, Rebecca’s tips have been featured in NBC News, ABC News and publications including Forbes, Reader’s Digest, Women's Health, US News and World Report and more. She’s passionate about helping female entrepreneurs be recognized as an expert in their field.

Kiam Marcelo Junio

Queer Holistic Health Coach

You Are More Than Just One Thing: Sustainability, Authenticity, and Creativity

• Why fragmentation is a personal and cultural disease.
• Mindfulness practices for reuniting your dual natures.
• An ancient (yet timeless) framework for developing a balanced life.

Kiam Marcelo Junio (they/them) is a non-binary, multi-passionate artist and holistic health coach. They were born in the Philippines, and have lived in the U.S., Japan, and Spain. Their embodied research and art work center around creation myths, Philippine-American history, herstories, and personal-collective healing through collaborative practices and inner shadow work.

Kiam is a US Navy veteran who served during Operation Enduring Freedom as a medical assistant and respiratory therapist. Their experience in oncology, intensive care, neonatal, palliative, and emergency military medicine instilled a deep respect for the preciousness of life and the sensitivity of the body.

Through Mahal Healing Arts, Kiam weaves together their ongoing passions for art, practical spirituality, mindful movement, and sustainable practices. They hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and are currently earning a Master of Science in Health and Human Performance (MSHHP) at Pacific College of Health and Science.
Kiam's purpose is rooted in helping people come to a deeply felt understanding of their body, mind, emotions, and spirit - the whole self - by cultivating self-knowledge, self-love, and self-expression.

Paja Rey

Success Coach & Online Business Consultant

Healthy Holy Money Flow : 5 Key Elements for an Unfair Advantage in Acquiring Financial Freedom 

• Setting the Right First Goal - What is the right first goal?
• Move through the REAL WEALTH PYRAMID - What it is and how to move up the ladder?
• How to deal with the guilt of getting paid!
• Don't make the mistake of keeping your goals a secret!
• Spread Happy Money

Paje Rey [payj, rei] is a Success Coach, Online Business Consultant, and co-founder of Inspired Action Industries. She envisions collaborating with other sought-after influencers and entrepreneurs to lead with value and shift the culture through self-mastery, empowered individuals, and the use of positive media. She aims to build up 10,000 leaders to take control and create the results they aspire in life through her Life Masters Certification program, Healthy Holy Money Flow Book, and her Marketable Coach Club.

Paje is actively designing her life as living proof that when we get clear on our calling and take action to achieve it, we can enjoy the greater gifts of prosperity. She is on a mission to live in complete alignment with her highest calling, enjoy the freedom that comes with authenticity, and experience fulfillment from creating her unique version of a remarkable life. Her coaching and mentoring strategy emphasizes self-mastery and inspired action as the key to achieving extraordinary but sustainable success in life and business.

El Moises 

Inclusive Design Consultant 

Inclusion, A Design System Perspective

• Learn how to take impactful steps toward inclusion in the workplace and beyond
• Overcome overwhelm and paralyzation in this movement
• Gain actionable tips on how to practice inclusion
El Moises (they/them) is an Inclusive Design Consultant, Multimedia Artist, and Speaker. They work as a Design Systems Designer at DocuSign, where they also lead the Design for Inclusion Guild and are a leadership member on the Trueability ERG, an Employee Resource Group for people with disabilities seen and unseen. Before entering tech, El served as a program coordinator for Oakland Digital Equity and Literacy Center and worked with small business owners to develop digital equity and marketing strategies for long-term financial success.
El identifies as first-generation Ilokano-American, genderqueer, and neurodivergent. Living these intersecting identities, as well as learning the stories of others’ struggles, are a driving force behind El’s work as an advocate for inclusion and belonging in tech and in the workplace.

Ber-Henda Williams

Visionary & Empath Coach

Leadership for the Great Reset: Empathic Leadership for the World! 

• How to consciously co-create
• Infuse Social Impact in your business
• How to use your empathic gifts for healing and transformation
Ber-Henda is a Visionary+Empath Coach. She supports empathic creative visionary empaths to find their voice, embrace feminine power, and create mission-based businesses in service of social transformation, justice and equity.

When she is not doing that, she runs a girl’s leadership program, The Power of Girlhood for girls 8-18

Además, ella es una poeta bilingüe. She is a bilingual poet.

She believes feminine empaths are here to disrupt the patriarchy and oppression with their mission based businesses.

Shirley Rivera 

Behavior Designer & Tiny Habits Coach

Creating an Improv Habits Mindset for Your Ikigai

• Cultivate habits to reflect your aspirations
• Navigate your lived experience as an improviser
• Generate a practice of self-reflection

More than her Chemical Engineering background from UC Berkeley in 1986, Shirley is a Filipino woman entrepreneur. In 1994, Shirley established Resource Catalysts (R|CAT), a consulting practice for air quality, energy projects, and environmental communications. Through the decades, her business has evolved to reflect her expertise and interests - blending social, cultural, and technical areas. These areas include the environment, habit formation, mentoring, coaching, representation and culture identity, and servant leadership. She also cultivates her creative expression through improv, sketch comedy, and personal essays. She is a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach, an improviser and Applied Improv practitioner, and part of the Ikigai Tribe. She practices what she enjoys, learns what she doesn’t know, and connects the people around her. Her mantra is "In querencia, be the catalyst who serves."

Increasing Impact, Influence & Income for Conscious Entrepreneurs & Leaders
Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021 
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