Access our TOP 3 Guided Meditations 

To Help Heal Your Inner Child and Bring More Peace, Love & Money Into Your Life & Business

Heal Your Inner Child Guided Meditation

This is an inner child meditation to help you connect with and heal the little child inside of you. Learn to give your inner child the love and compassion they want and need. When you reconnect and acknowledge your inner child, you will invite more peace, love and healing to yourself in the present moment. Doing this meditation can help you heal past, present and future timelines. Listen to this mediation as many times as you feel called. 

Shower of Universal Love Guided Meditation

It’s the Universe’s wish for you to be feel happiness, joy and love. This simple yet profound meditation helps you access the Universal frequency of love. It will teach you how to activate your natural capacity to generate and experience love through expanded awareness. It encourages personal empowerment, healing and self-discovery. Repeat this meditation as often repeated as you like. Over time, it becomes easier to love yourself deeper, to love others and to love life.

Creating Magick & Money 
Guided Meditation

This powerful visualization meditation will help you manifest more magick, money and abundance into your life. It instantly raises your vibration and amplifies your creation power. This guided abundance meditation for money, wealth, and prosperity is designed to help you connect and resonate with the energy of abundance and money. The more you tap into the money codes frequency of the Universe, the more you will attract, receive, and manifest more money, wealth, opportunities and prosperity in your life and business.

*** Please DO NOT listen to these guided meditations when you are driving or operating any machinery. 

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Marian Valenza is a TEDx and global speaker, conscious business coach, bestselling author and founder of Thriver Lifestyle. She helps entrepreneurs embrace the holistic approach to business and life so they can break the constant cycle of "hustling/grinding" and start enjoying their successes with ease and joy.

Marian specializes in synergizing Strategy (practical) with  Soulwork (energetics). Her clients have landed multiple speaking opportunities, 3x their income, attracted their soulmate clients, have grown their businesses and manifested money and success.

She has over fifteen (15) years of marketing, media, business development and event production experience working in global corporations and startups as well as having her own marketing agency with past clients such as Capital One, WeWork and the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.

Marian has been featured on CBS, ABC, International Business Times, Thrive Global, Medium, Elephant Journal, Bustle, Miami Under 40 and over 60 podcasts and publications. 

Learn more at and follow her on Instagram.

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